The Dog Days of Summer

WatermelonNow that we’re deep into summer, the afternoon storms have arrived. They’re a mixed blessing. Grand County, including the Rocky Mountain National Park and the Arapaho National Forest, is currently under a fire restriction. This means no open fires, although gas fueled appliances that can be shut-off are allowed. Given that, a good dose of rain every few days to keep the vegetation damp is a positive. But, what to do while it’s nasty outside?

First thing: if there is lightning, get inside! Colorado has the third most lightning-strike fatalities. And don’t wait for the rain to get your butts moving. Due to our low humidity, thunderstorms can develop but the rain evaporates before it gets to the ground, called “dry thunderstorms.” Okay, enough with the mothering.

You’re obviously smart enough not to stand on the green with a metal golf club in your hand, so what is there to do in Grand Lake until the storm passes?

  • Shop Grand Lake. Almost all of our shops have a covered walkway so you’ll stay dry, except for that mad dash to the next block.
  • Grab a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone. There may be more ice cream shops than moose in Grand Lake. And I’ve never heard of rule that states you can’t eat ice cream in the rain.
  • Kauffman House Museum. Get a glimpse of what is was like to live in Grand Lake pre-1900. The great volunteers who work there just love to share their knowledge.
  • Get a Massage. We have numerous masseuses in Town. Just think, your shoulders could be ache-free by the time the sun comes out.
  • Start Happy Hour a Little Early. While waiting it out, there are worse things than an ice cold beer or salty margarita at one of the many restaurants and bars in Town.
  • Take a Nap. Go ahead, indulge yourself. You deserve it after all that outdoorsy stuff you’ve been doing non-stop since you’ve gotten to Grand Lake.

Buffalo Barbecue 2016!! Love Love Grand Lake & Family.

Buffalo BBQ 1Grand Lake has this super fun two-day event called the Buffalo Barbecue, which just occurred July 16-17. It started in 1948, and back then it lasted for a week and was called Buffalo and Barbecue and Covered Wagon Days. Currently, on Saturday in the Town park there’s great food (barbecued buffalo, of course) and local bands entertain. The parade on Sunday no longer includes covered wagons, but there are still majestic horses, rugged cowboys, flirty dancehall girls, shiny fire trucks and charming floats.


And talking about floats, I entered one this year as a sponsor. Not only did I have a blast coming up with the theme and decorating it, this was the first time I’ve ever walked in a parade (I got in my share of formal queen waves). My nieces and nephews were the real stars, though. They perfectly hammed it up, playing in the float’s mini-house and pretending to catch fish in the mini-lake. I gave the kids the choice of being in the entire parade or not. They all made me proud when they wanted to stick it out to the end, despite what happens in the last block.


The competing bars across the street from each other started it years ago, but it’s way bigger than that now. When the participants near the end of the parade route, they have the choice of veering left. But if they choose to go straight, they know their fate. The parade Marshalls even stand at the ready, double-checking their decision as they approach. Triumphant cheers erupt from the crowd when the brave ones proceed forward . . . and into the massive water fight. Pick-up trucks line the street carrying huge tubs of water and homemade water guns, kids and adults alike attack using supersoakers and water balloons, and frigid streams of water from the business’s hoses crisscross the street. But, it’s not a one-sided brawl.


Upon entering The Wet Zone, the parade participants whip out their concealed weapons. Total mayhem. And my nieces and nephews? They bravely grabbed red solo cups, scooped up water from the kiddie pool and fought back with gusto. Afterwards, the kids begged to do it again next year; after all, they have a one-of-a-kind story to brag about when asked what they did during their summer vacation.

Lakefront Bargain Hunt HGTV Adriane Hauck Re/ Max Peak to Peak


It’s been a long wait but the reality show “Lakefront Bargain Hunters” finally aired last Sunday night.  HGTV showcased Grand Lake and they outdid themselves. Our lakes seemed bluer, the snow-capped mountains appeared even grander, and our Town truly felt like a place you’d want to visit or live. When HGTV approached me to be part of it, I agreed because I wanted to showcase my hometown. I couldn’t be more pleased.

I watched the show with my family, friends and a bunch of locals I’ve known forever at Pancho’s & Lefty’s, a lakefront restaurant in the heart of Grand Lake. I want to thank the owner Bob King for organizing the viewing, and to everyone there who laughed in all the right places and helped me overcome my jitters (does my voice really sound like that?). I also want to thank Samantha Miller, the Director of the Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. She did a great job getting the word out to their massive list of past and potential visitors, and she was there for the viewing. Only later did I learn she was secretly getting married later that evening. Talk about dedication!

Lance Gutersohn, my boss at RE/MAX Peak to Peak, couldn’t have been more supportive. He understands how introverted I am, and he encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone. I’m really glad I did. Bob and Lisa, my clients and the Florida couple who were featured on the show, were such fun to work with. I think their enthusiasm about Grand Lake made others yearn for the same dream of living here, or at least coming here on vacation. They’re going to be a great addition to our community. And, I want to thank my husband Jeff. He’s always there for me.

In case you missed it, or if you want to see the show again, I’m working to get it posted on my website and it should be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, there’s a few ways you can view it. You can contact me and I’ll provide you with a link. Or, if you have cable, you should be able to view past episodes on the HGTV channel (Season 3, Episode 9). You can also purchase the episode for $2.99 on by going to Amazon. They list it as Volume 4, Episode 9.  To all my past and possibly future clients, please send me an e-mail and I will make sure that you can view the episode!

The first signs of spring have finally appeared (at 8,269’ altitude, it takes until now) and the road through the Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road, is projected to be open by Memorial Day weekend. Get ready everyone, the tourists and summer residents will soon arrive. The HGTV show exposed a lot of potential visitors and homeowners to Grand Lake, and I know it’s going to be a great summer for our town.

The many reasons to love Grand County!

Grand Lake Colorado Wedding.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, isn’t it? Well even if you aren’t the most romantic person, there are many things to love about mountain living. Especially in Grand County.

The Valentine Day holiday compelled me to compile a TOP TEN list of things to love about Grand County living:

  1. The beautiful water. Gorgeous lakes, rivers, reservoirs and waterfalls are everywhere you turn. From water sports to relaxing views, our water sources are unmatched anywhere in the state.  Just take a look at Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby.
  2. The real people. We are made up of laid-back people who genuinely care about each other and our community. You never know if you’re sitting next to an average Joe or a multi-millionaire because the residents simply aren’t pretentious.  That’s why it’s the Village of Grand Lake.
  3. The bright stars. Mountain living, without the drowning effects of city lights, allows us to see the vast sky and stars. Whether you have a telescope and like to locate constellations or just appreciate a clear sky, Grand County at night is unbelievable.  Sit up top and view a true Mountain View.
  4. The authenticity. Grand Lake has been called the “Most Authentic Town in America” and you won’t get any argument here. From the old-fashioned boardwalk to quaint restaurants and quirky shops, we offer a totally different feel than most other Colorado mountain towns.
  5. The wildlife. Anyone who lives here has become accustomed to the animals that share our space. Deer, bears, moose, birds, elk – wildlife of all sizes are in our yards, streets and surrounding neighborhoods. With safety in mind, we cohabitate and respect the nature of our four-legged and feathered friends.  Rocky Mountain National Park is at your door stop when you own property in Grand County.
  6. The investment potential. Yes, it’s my job to keep an eye on the economics of living in Grand County. But the news is good! This is an excellent time to invest in local property. It’s a sound financial investment and a solid lifestyle investment, as well.
  7. Summertime living. Grand Lake is famous for our explosive and exciting Fourth of July, but we celebrate the amazing Colorado weather all summer long. We host arts and craft fairs, kids events, concerts and much more as people come from around the world to experience our beautiful community.
  8. Rocky Mountain National Park is OUR backyard. Some people around the country have fancy landscaping; other people boast pools and grottos. No big deal, we have the breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road is known for feeling like the top of the world and we are minutes away from its 415 square miles of mountain bliss.
  9. Winter Park Ski Resort. If this week’s Winter Carnival is any indication, our local ski resort is anything but local. It’s an international destination with fantastic skiing, luxurious and affordable lodging, and top-notch dining and entertainment. But when you live in Grand County, you can just head over in minutes, take a few runs and get back to work in time.
  10. It’s for everyone. Some people love fishing. Some people live for skiing. Some people can’t imagine living in the hustle-bustle of a metro area. Others want to be able to walk or bike every day. While some residents are ultra-athletes and others just adore small-town living, our community embraces every single one of us.

I’d love to hear from you if you are looking to purchase or sell a home.  And as always, your referrals are appreciated.

Thank you!


Thank you ~ Fields of Gold Living in the Rocky Mountains

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been there this past year and supported me personally and with my business. Grand County has been a great place to sell Real Estate.  I feel blessed to be working in the Rocky Mountains.  Grand Lake is such a special place to call home.  I appreciate all of you.

May you all walk in fields of gold.

Fields of Gold

Small Town – Cue the Music!

They take unleaded.

They take unleaded.

It was 30 years ago that the song Small Town by John Mellencamp came out. The song is still catchy and a favorite of people

across America in towns of all sizes. While people like to dissect songs and lyrics in different ways, but it’s pretty clear what this song is about; the joys of growing up in a small town.

The song sings about being educated, having a ball and growing up with people who love you in a small town. I just love it. The old-school video reminiscent of home videos is a flashback, too. So although album Scarecrow came out in 1985, he’s singing about 20 years (or so) before that!

During baseball season, people sometimes like to discuss what their up-to-bat song would be. I’m thinking this may be it. I love my small town.


It’s (definitely) good enough for me.

If you need a refresher, take a listen here:

P.S. If you are planning a trip to Colorado this fall, use this site as a great reference:

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Lifelong Friendships

It’s back to school season. It has a different meaning to me now, but I can vividly remember the feeling. The new shoes, the school supplies shopping, the eager feeling of finding out teachers; it really is a special time of year.

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Lifelong Friends

But the one thing that always added a twinge of angst was when my kids wondered which friends were going to be in the same class. Will their best friend be across the hall or across the room? Will I like the kids in my reading group? Who will I sit next to at lunch? I will DIE if we are in different classes!!

Sometimes young friendships are for convenience. Their desk is next to you; you’re on the same team; your parents are friends. But sometimes a new friendship is the seed of a lifelong relationship that nourishes you as a person. They get you and you get them.

I have seen the arc of friendships from a new perspective as a parent. Watching the friend selection process, the bonding moments, the tough days and the simple exchanges. But especially in a small community like ours, lifelong friendships happen pretty naturally. There are fewer people, but you literally grow up together.

As we get closer to my daughter’s wedding, I look at the guest list and smile about people who are coming that I remember being eight years old. They are bringing a spouse? They own a home? They can actually drive themselves to the ceremony?

Lifelong friendships are an exceptional part of the human experience. When you tell that inside joke or play that song or laugh about your poor decisions at a vulnerable age, you actually have something extraordinary!

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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AUG 21-23 — Spirit Lake Blues Festival at Grand Lake

Looking for live music, food, drinks and friends? Join us this weekend for the Spirit Lake Blues Festival. Tickets are available at the Daven Haven, the Grand Lake Visitor Center or Radio Shack in Fraser. There will be pre- and post-parties and a lot of fun! Visit See you there!

Grand Lake, live music, festival, blues

Join us this weekend!

What Not to do For a Showing

Well, people never fail to make me laugh. Even the brightest, most successful people can do the silliest things. I’m not immune; I make mistakes all the time. We all do. But I’d like to take a moment to laugh about what you should never do when you are selling your house and expecting strangers for a showing.

  • Please don’t leave a candle burning. We all want it to smell like mom’s homemade apple pie, but a burning candle could result in a fire. And then we are all bummed out.

    real estate, showing

    Not a great idea.

  • Please don’t leave your unmentionables on the bathroom floor. We don’t want to see them nicely folded in the laundry basket, let alone by the walk-in shower that is a selling point for the house!
  • Please don’t leave empty beer bottles on the counter. You may have good taste in craft beer, but please put them in the recycling container outside.
  • Please don’t leave your bills open on your desk. Yes, buyers are curious about the cost of electricity and water, but that’s awkward.

    real estate, showing

    Let’s hide these.

  • Please don’t assume we want a snack. You are probably a wonderful host or hostess, but we’re just not sure what that dip is and how long it’s been out. And the treats look delicious, but our guests may have allergies.
  • Please don’t put out reading material everywhere. We won’t have a chance to read. Especially file it away if it’s the kind with mostly pictures (if you know what I mean)!

Just watching out for you! Just tidy up and have the lockbox ready – I will happily do the rest.

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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Steel Magnolias

I love the movie Steel Magnolias. I find it to be funny, sweet, sentimental and relatable. I love the small town and the local gossip and the genuine friendships. One thing I’ve noticed is that I can relate to a different character each time.

Breaking the rules...I'm not Ouiser YET, but on my way!

Breaking the rules…I’m not Ouiser YET, but on my way!


Most recently, I feel a little like Ouiser Boudreaux. Her quips and one-liners are just too good! I really think it’s among Shirley MacLaine’s best work. The whole cast is amazing, actually, and the movie is pretty timeless. Except for the clothes and hair…

But I think the most important element of the movie set around Truvy’s Beauty Shop is the community that they live in. They know each other’s parents and kids and spouses. They know each other’s quirks and preferences and treat each other like family.

I liken that to life in Grand Lake. Sure, we don’t sit around a hair salon all day, but we have that genuine care and concern for our fellow residents. It doesn’t take too long to know who you’ll see and where; and chances are they know what you need!

I suppose I will feel like M’Lynn again here soon as the Mother of the Bride, but I think I’m going to spend the rest of the summer coming up with lines like Ouiser.

I mean, who doesn’t love this banter?

“Hit Ouiser! She can take it!” … “Are you high, Clairee?” (That would have a whole new meaning here in Colorado!)

And this gem, “I am pleasant! Dammit! I just saw Drum Eatenton this mornin’ at the Piggly Wiggly and I smiled at the son of a bitch for I couldn’t help myself!”

Ha! I know what I’m watching tonight.

Which character are you?

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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Mother of the Bride

My daughter is getting married soon.

As excited as I am, I’m still in shock that my baby is going to be a bride! I think every parent who watches their child say their vows must wonder if they are living in an alternate universe. At what point do they not look three years old anymore? Oh sure, she can drive and has college degrees (plural) and can make her own dinner now. But married? What?

Grand Lake

Waiting to propose…

Joking aside, I am so thrilled for her. What an exciting time for us all as we welcome a new member of the family and celebrate young love. As I’ve mentioned, our community is like a large family. While not everyone can actually attend the ceremony, it’s fun to see the genuine happiness in the eyes of our friends and neighbors. They too can’t believe that she is grown up enough to get married.

We have lived down from the Grand Lake Lodge for 14 years and have had the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful weddings there; we are so happy to have her celebration in such a special place. It has sentimental value to us.

So as we gear up for the big day, here are a few articles I found interesting that are specifically for the Mother of the Bride.

Cheers to all the other parents who are also looking forward to a child’s wedding. What an incredible milestone in life. Don’t forget to savor the small moments during the planning process and do everything you can to remember the special day amid the details and chaos.

We’ll see if I can follow my own advice, but there is no doubt that I am extremely proud and excited to see my baby girl become a wife.

Grand Lake, wedding, proposal, mountain living



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Grand Lake Buffalo Days

Do you like fun? The residents of Grand Lake do…and you’re invited to join us!

Join us for Buffalo Days!

Join us for Buffalo Days!

Grand Lake is at the height of tourist season and it’s bustling with visitors and fun things to do. The Fourth of July was fabulous, of course, and this weekend is another treat – Buffalo Days.

This is Grand Lake’s 68th annual Buffalo BBQ Celebration, which includes a 5K run/walk, delicious food, live music and festivities all weekend long. The Arts and Crafts Fair is a neat opportunity to browse, whether for home décor, gifts or something to remind you of the weekend. And don’t forget Bingo, a pancake breakfast on Saturday and a parade on Sunday.

There is a historical element to the weekend that is palpable. When a festival is nearing 70 years old, there is something to be said about the generations of families who have participated for decades. In 1948, the first Buffalo and Barbecue and Covered Wagon Days was held on Southway Lodge grounds in Grand Lake. Today, the festival spills into the entire community and it’s not to be missed!

Whether you are celebrating our western heritage or seeking family activity this weekend, July 18-19, come on up – we’d love to have you.

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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Summer Décor Ideas

The windows are open and summer soirees are taking place on the patio. With more guests coming over, it’s a fun time to freshen up home décor. And the good news is that there are many ways to do it with a small budget and unlimited creativity.

A few places that I turn to for inspiration are HGTV, Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful. The picture-heavy sites let you pick and choose favorites from a wide variety of styles, allowing for varying budgets and DIY-knowhow.

A few of my current favorite summer décor ideas include:

  • Paint mugs with floral patterns:

    Mountain living, Adriane Hauck, Grand Lake

    Colorado wildflowers are great for summer decor.

Enjoy the colors, scents and fun of summer and use your home as a showcase of seasonal flair!

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent in Grand County. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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Countdown to the Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, I’ll admit it. I love the Fourth of July. Our community becomes electric and there is an energy that’s contagious! It is so fun to plan ahead how to spend every minute of the day and when to meet up with friends. It can feel like a life decision as we debate where to set up for one of the grand fireworks displays. It’s even more fun when friends come visit and enjoy Grand County’s biggest weekend of the year.

But hold your hats when the Fourth is on a Saturday! People who can’t make it to the mountains during the workweek will come up in packed cars with boats and blankets and babies and burgers. And we welcome them with open arms (as long as they behave, of course). But on this holiday, I believe the more the merrier.

Here are some fun activities to consider if you will be around:

  • The Rotary Pancake Breakfast is in Grand Lake Town Park and $7/adults; $6/kids. It’s a fundraiser with proceeds supporting our community in many ways.

  • The parade in Granby starts at 11 but be sure to get your spot way before then! This parade and party in the park are celebrating Rocky Mountain National Park’s 100th anniversary – now that’s a milestone! There will be a party in Polhamus Park from noon-3pm and a rodeo that night.

  • But if wine and cheese are more your style, head over to Winter Park for “The Village Uncorked”. Stroll, sip and explore the world of art from noon-4pm.

  • Hideaway Park in Winter Park will be bustling with activities for kids and live music. Activities will be happening from 6pm until dark when the RE/MAX Peak to Peak fireworks display begins.

We’d love for you to join us – come on up! I hope to see you around.

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I sincerely appreciate your referrals.

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Understanding Mortgages with guest input from Abby McDaniel

The real estate industry is full of jargon. Most industries are, but real estate finance (and mortgages in particular) may take the cake. The learning curve for most people is pretty steep when learning (or relearning) about mortgages. I pulled together some resources that may help if you are trying to educate yourself or a loved one about this topic. I’ve asked my friend and trusted colleague Abby McDaniel with AmeriFirst Financial to weigh in and she has added some great information. Take a read and share with anyone who will be purchasing a home.

First and foremost – make sure you’re working with a knowledge and reputable mortgage lender! This is the #1 key factor in experiencing a smooth and stress-free closing. Your mortgage lender should be familiar with all the lending options available to you and your particular situation, explain the entire loan process from start to end and most importantly, review in detail all fees associated with the loan and current rates available.

Be open and honest with your lender. There are so many factors that go into lending that they need to know the entire story; no one wants a surprise scenario at the closing table.

The take away – get PRE-APPROVED prior to house shopping! Working with your lender in advance and obtaining a full credit approval (“pre-approval”) with an underwriter is the smartest, most proactive step you can take in the mortgage lending industry. Don’t just settle for a “pre-qual”. Pre-approvals help in contract negotiations and faster closings.

Here are some additional resources:

Frequently Used Mortgage Terms


Investopedia (see Mortgage basics) Home

Of course I would be happy to answer any questions on this topic as well. Feel free to reach out any time.

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I appreciate your consistent referrals.

Here is Abby’s contact information:

Abby McDaniel
Sr. Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS 1165325
AmeriFirst Financial, Inc. | NMLS 145368
1553 Platte Street, Suite 204, Denver, CO 80202
Direct: 720.506.1292 | Mobile: 720.626.6045

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It Takes a Village

Grand Lake SistersMy husband and I recently became Empty Nesters. Our two beautiful daughters are making us proud, becoming successful young women with great careers and lives ahead of them. But I am the first to acknowledge that we didn’t raise them alone.

When you live in a community like Grand Lake, you begin to view friends and neighbors as family. We cook for others when they are sick. We support each other’s businesses. We watch the neighbor kids and we love them like our own. And as a parent, it’s truly amazing to look at all of the people who had a positive impact on who our children grew up to be.

When you decide to live in a small community, you join a village. You’ll see each other through tough times and through grand, celebratory milestones. When someone graduates, gets married, welcomes a baby, opens a business, celebrates an anniversary, it’s a big deal – for all of us!

One of my favorite stories about this topic was when I received a phone call from a neighbor just two days after my daughter got her drivers license. They wanted to let me know that she was spotted talking on her phone while driving! You know you live in a small town when you get that call, and I was so grateful.

It’s been such a joy to raise my kids in Grand Lake and I’m so thankful for all this community has given our family.

If you have any questions about the true heart of mountain living – no matter how simple or odd they seem – please contact me.

Please let me know if anyone you know is looking for a real estate agent. I appreciate your consistent referrals.

See you in June!

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Looking Back and Looking Forward

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Happy Memorial Day!

This coming weekend is Memorial Day. Commonly known as a kickoff camping weekend, or for neighborhood BBQs and an extra day off of work or school. It should also be recognized for its true meaning, honoring members of the military who sacrificed their lives in battle. While I anticipate a fun and celebratory weekend, I am compelled to take a moment and reflect on the purpose of the day.

In Grand Lake, we celebrate Memorial Day with a few great events. They strike a nice balance of social activity with remembering our fallen soldiers.

Who doesn’t love a parade? The parade begins at 10 am and heads down Grand Ave.  It will include Veterans, service groups, horses and more. Wear your red and blue and come on down!

After the parade, we will head to Town Park for a nice ceremony with live music. Veterans will receive complimentary coffee and breakfast. For lunch, there is a potluck at Pancho & Lefty’s.

Here is the official schedule:

10:00 AM: Grand Lake’s Annual Memorial Day Parade

10:30 AM: Town Park: Observance Ceremony honoring our military veterans

Noon: Veterans Potluck at Pancho & Lefty’s. Food contributions appreciated

Also kicking off this Friday night: BINGO season in Grand Lake Town Park.

Whatever you do this weekend, please stay safe, have fun and take care.

Thanks again to our active military, veterans and those who are no longer with us.

Adriane Hauck, Realtor
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Mud Season

There is a common term in mountain towns – not just Colorado – called “Mud Season.” Sounds awful, right? Well it’s not exactly when we invite our prestigious guests from around the globe to come visit. That said, it’s not a bad time of year.

Lounging Moose

Mud Season doesn’t bother the animals one bit.

During Mud Season, the snow is beginning to melt, the flowers start to bloom and the community is quiet. We are generally planning and gearing up for summertime activities. It’s like the calm before the storm…and it’s nice.

I am looking forward to many things this summer (see my next blog post for some upcoming events). In the meantime, I enjoy the quieter nights at our local restaurants and the relaxing nature of Main Street. It won’t be long until we do invite our guests to come see our home. We will welcome thousands of people who speak different languages, trekking long ways to see Grand Lake’s natural beauty and soak up the Colorado sun.

So although I try to keep my favorite shoes out of the mud, you won’t find me complaining too much. See you soon!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, feel free to contact me today. As always, your referrals are appreciated.

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What’s Hip in Homes for 2015

I recently came across an article,“21 Hot Housing Trends for 2015”, published by REALTOR Mag (

mountain living, real estate, mountain properties, Adriane Hauck

Copper – the new “it” metal

As with most lists, there are a few over-the-top concepts for people who are willing to spend more money and be distinctive, but some bullets are worth sharing.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Freestanding tubs – I have always loved freestanding bathtubs. They add charm and elegance to any bathroom. I will add freestanding vanities to this bullet. I love when people repurpose old dressers and other materials into creative and unique vanities.
  • Fireplaces and fire pits – In Grand County, a fireplace is almost always on the must-have list. Settling in by the fire while watching it snow offers coziness unlike anything else. But this article shares that there are new styles and venting options that make fire hotter than ever.
  • Cool copper – With terms like “industrial chic,” copper is called the “2015 ‘it’ metal.” I love the display of copper pots in a kitchen or other splashes of its exceptional color and texture.
  • Return to human scale – I couldn’t agree more that giant kitchens just aren’t necessary. When just the right size, kitchens can offer function, foodiness and family togetherness without industrial echoes.

Whether you are looking for a new house or just want to refresh your current home, have fun! Make sure your dwelling speaks your voice.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, feel free to contact me today. As always, your referrals are sure appreciated!

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Grand Lake Guest Guide – Now Available!

Grand Lake, mountain living, mountain tourism

I’m very proud to be in this Grand Lake Guest Guide. It’s chock full of information for everyone! (See pages 10 and 47.)