Adriane Hauck and her family moved to Grand Lake in 1996 for the hometown, local feel that it offers. Her eldest daughter was in second grade and is now getting her second bachelor’s degree in Nursing and will graduate this spring. Her youngest daughter was only two and is now in her second year at CSU, her sister’s alma mater. Adriane’s husband, Jeff, is a local electrical contractor who owns Lone Pine Lake Electric and a Board Member of Mountain Parks Electric. Raising kids, growing up and owning businesses in Grand Lake has been a joy for the whole family.

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Adriane is extremely dedicated to her job and the place she lives. She has a deep understanding of the real estate market in Grand County, a keen eye for value and sharp negotiating skills. She markets and finds properties with energy, expertise and tremendous work ethic to make sure all real estate transactions are as smooth as possible.

Adriane also makes it easy to work together. She is down-to-earth, ethical and hardworking. She ensures that people feel comfortable and confident in all real estate decisions. She sincerely values all relationships and makes every effort to be honest, communicative and hands-on throughout the real estate process.

“There is no other place that I would rather be than in Grand Lake, Colorado. The arts and outdoor opportunities that our beautiful community offers are unmatched,” says Adriane. “Purchasing a home in Grand County is not only a great financial choice, but also an investment in a wonderful lifestyle.”

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